Firepot Finance
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🗝️・rHOTT Token

Name: Firepot Escrowed Token Ticker: rHOTT Network: Arbitrum Contract: 0x0D96eAd8eC5F2840aB6A62f44768c36582608E09
rHOTT is a non-transferable token, corresponding to locked HOTT. It can be earned as platform rewards, or through direct HOTT conversion. Holding rHOTT grants access to various rewards plug-ins. These plug-ins include but are not limited to: Ember Premium Subscription – Become a subscriber to Ember Premium and get access to unlimited message insights, unlimited automated token sniping and additional AI-driven features.
Revenue Sharing – 5% of fees generated will be used to buy back and burn HOTT tokens, 60% will go to the treasury and 35% will be redistributed to those who allocated rHOTT to this plugin once per week.