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Meet Ember

Manage all your assets, trades, yield positions, and wallets in one intuitive place with an expert advisor by your side every step of the way. The Ember AI Bot is powered by a cutting-edge cognitive computing architecture, integrating an LLM reasoning engine and multi-agent system for autonomous decision-making.
This positions Ember as a dynamic assistant that adapts to meet your unique demands of crypto trading and DeFi management without the underlying complexity. Ember also brings hardware wallet security everywhere – allowing you to safely transact through Telegram, Discord, web, mobile, or even text and email.


Intelligent – Navigate the complex world of DeFi with AI-driven insights and personalized guidance tailored to your investment style. Stay informed, stay ahead.
Seamless – Ember’s unified crypto hub provides access to your portfolio everywhere you connect, completing advanced omnichain crypto trading across networks and protocols all through the convenience of Telegram.
Safe – The device you already own is the only hardware wallet you’ll ever need. Transform the device in your hand into a biometric hardware wallet using the same multifactor authentication and encryption that protects your bank account. Consent to Ember’s suggestions by signing with a simple touch or glance.